Switching for a better deal

Things never stand still. Your home loan is no different. Maybe the loan that you took out 2 or more years ago just hasn’t kept pace with you. Loan products and their features are being enhanced and they change all the time.

Ask yourself-

Are you paying your loan off as fast you need to?

You may wish to look at an alternate product which gives you the features like offset and redraw which enable you to make surplus repayments and reduce the term of your loan, and the overall interest charged significantly.

Does your current loan have a market leading Interest Rate and the most competitive repayment?

With a lower interest rate than you’re presently paying, you could get an improvement to your cash flow. With a very competitive mortgage market and with new products constantly entering the market, you may wish to review your loan to make sure you're not being left behind.

Do you have any other debts you would like to tidy up?

You may have other loans and debts that you would like to consolidate to improve your overall cash flow and borrowing cost. A lower interest rate and one simple repayment can save you thousands of dollars and avoid the cash flow “juggle”.

Thinking about using the equity in your home for other investments?

As your home loan balance reduces and your property value goes up you may wish to consider refinancing your home loan and unlock some of that increased value. This equity that is available under a new loan facility could be used for other investments.

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